Inventor HSM Development Versions


The downloads on this page are development releases which contain the latest features and fixes. The development versions are, however, not thoroughly tested, and therefore not suitable for production use. For production work, please use the latest official version.

The following lists recent development versions along with the changes available in each version.

Inventor HSM 2019 - Sep 18, 2018

New in this version

  • Added the ability to round sharp corners in a parting toolpath, specifically when edge break with a chamfer is enabled. #10109
  • Added the ability to override the Safe Z from the setup dialog in each turning operation and specify an approach and retract point #10199
  • Added the ability to set the Safe Z in the setup dialog with reference to the WCS origin, stock front or stock back #8661
  • Added turret column to tool library #10554
  • Removed unused 'fineStepdown' parameter from 3d Contour & 3d Pocket operations #10291
  • Improved radius compensation for 2D Profile operations in various examples #9736
  • Updated simulation to avoid some annoying false reports of collisions for multi-axis toolpath.
  • Fixed potentially wrong initial tool axis for multi-axis toolpath for stock simulation.
  • Fixed an issue where expressions did not persist in the Chuck Offset field in a turning / mill turn setup dialog #10694
  • Fixed an issue where a Turning Part operation was not generating the correct toolpath when edge break was turned on and a round grooving tool was used #10672
  • Fixed the issue where an inside threading operation in turning was allowed to end at the final toolpath Z position (unsafe) instead of at the safe Z position #10386
  • Fixed a bug with a particular single groove case where an ID groove was not cutting upto the outer radius #10423
  • Fixed a particular case of single groove where the ID groove was starting and ending at the Z axis instead of the clearance plane #10422
  • Fixed an issue with turning Profile operations where if the "Use Fixed Lead Direction" parameter was turned off, the leads created were not at an angle with respect to the direction of the toolpath #10284
  • Fixed issue where for single groove and part toolpaths, if the final peck ended exactly at the total depth of cut, an additional superfluous peck was created. #10094
  • Added a new option "Selected Position(s)" for single groove operation radii parameters to allow the user to either cut to the X position of the selected position or the inner radius for outside grooving and outer radius for inside grooving. #9920
  • Fixed the issue where an inside single groove was starting and ending at the center line instead of honoring the retract and clearance cylinders #10068
  • Fixed the issue for Turning: Profile finishing passes where leads were not generated at an angle with respect to the toolpath direction when "Use Fixed Lead Direction" was turned off #9944
  • Fixed the issue where for a grooving operation, when "allow rapid retract" was enabled with pecking, each peck was not rapiding during the retract move after each peck. #10235

Changes to toolpath generation

  • Improved linking for Adaptive Clearing to avoid retracts. #9744
  • Improved linking for Adaptive Clearing when using slot opening. #9702
  • Fixed issue where Adaptive Clearing would not complete. #10362
  • Fixed potential generation failure for turning. #10072
  • Fixed generation failure for Slot. #10048
  • Fixed potential failure of Adaptive Clearing on Windows when installation path contained characters not in the active codepage. #9968
  • Fixed wrong toolpath for Turning Profile. #9941
  • Fixed issue where shaft/holder would not pull away when using Shaft and Holder for Adaptive Clearing. #9938

Changes to post processor

  • Added Section.getFinalSpindleSpeed() and Section.getFinalSpindleOn() API to get the final spindle speed state for a section.
  • Added Section.getLastCycle() API to get the last cycle.
  • Added Section.doesEndWithCycle() and Section.doesEndWithCycleIgnoringPositioning() API.
  • Section.doesStartWithCycleIgnoringPositioning() API now ignores dwell also.
  • Show required range for out of range errors for properties when post processing.
  • Show range in property tool tip for all number types when post processing.
  • Fixed missing use of retract feedrate for expanded break-through drilling cycle.
  • Fixed issue where rapid down move to safe position was missing when expanding deep drilling and chip-breaking cycles.
  • Do not do linearization around singularity during a multi-axis rewind operation for post processor.
  • Fixed issue where rotary axis was not output at a rapid move for multi-axis toolpath.
  • Fixed wrong stop-spindle state for cycles.
  • Fixed undesired spindle reverse at final point for tapping cycle.
  • Fixed issue with warnings when expanding cycle.
  • Fixed support for spindle speed when expanding cycle.

Inventor HSM 2019 - Jun 22, 2018

New in this version

  • NEW Added warning if there is no selection in "Z Axis (Rotary Axis)" in turning setup #9810

  • NEW Multiple passes can now be added to turning chamfer operations #7881

  • NEW For turning part and face operations, an additional distance past center can now be specified #9635

  • NEW Added automatic selection of best rotation axis in turning setups #9665

  • NEW Added an end fade move for turning threading operations when it reaches the stock X level #9763

  • NEW Added backplot feature in NC editor. #10034

  • CHG Disabled tool orientation when wrap is enabled #7754

  • CHG A warning will be displayed when selecting "Make Default" from the operation tree #8215

  • CHG In turning threading operations, feed in and feed out moves are replaced by rapid moves for threading #9762

  • CHG Update the default offset value of the Clearance and Retract Radii planes for turning face operations #8259

  • FIX Fixed issue where retract and clearance moves were output incorrectly in turning thread operations #9071

  • FIX Fixed issue where the cutting location was incorrect for left-handed turning chamfer operations #7880

  • FIX Fixed issue where derived operations were only placed in parent setup, ignoring folders #1402

  • FIX Fixed Post Processing issue where the property name invalidates the function if the names match #9729

  • FIX Fixed issue where moving to limits on 4-axis machine can cause post engine to error #10023

  • FIX Fixed tool library issue where the operation node was wrongly considered as a tool on Copy #9749

  • FIX Fixed issue where intermediate file record types did not match defined variables #10029

Changes to toolpath generation

  • Fixed wrong toolpath issue for turning. #9917
  • Fixed potential generation failure when using negative stock to leave for turning. #9722
  • Fixed wrong toolpath issue for turning. #9751
  • Improved toolpath quality to avoid tiny moves for 2D Contour. #7585

Changes to post processor

  • Major update of Mazak Integrex post.
  • Major update of Siemens mill-turn post.
  • Added power setting for through cutting, etching, and vaporize for Grbl laser post.
  • Added support for rigid/non-rigid tapping for posts.
  • Added support for M960 for controlling C-axis direction for Okuma LB3000 with OSP-300 control post.
  • Added support for Spindle Speed Variation (SSV) for HAAS mill-turn posts.
  • Updated coolant and retract handling for posts.
  • Added support for DPM feedrates for multi-axis motion for Doosan mill-turn post.
  • Added support for polylines and full circles for DXF post.
  • Added support for tool calls by tool description rather than tool number for Siemens 810D post.
  • Added property to control C-axis scale for DMS Router FAGOR posts.
  • Fixed missing G43 when using the safe start all operations feature for HAAS posts.
  • Fixed Euler angles for multi-axis positioning for posts.
  • Fixed Z-probing clearance for Siemens 840D post.
  • Fixed left handed tapping for HAAS turning post.
  • Fixed missing spindle output for posts.
  • Fixed missing force of G-codes at new subprograms for Siemens 840D post.
  • Fixed missing force of G-codes at new subprograms for Robodrill post.
  • Fixed missing force of G-codes at new subprograms for posts.
  • Fixed tapping feedrate rounding issue for HAAS mill-turn posts.
  • Fixed tapping feedrate rounding issue for HAAS turning post.
  • Fixed tapping feedrate rounding issue for HAAS posts.
  • Fixed tapping pitch property description for posts.
  • Avoid machine retract at start of program for MaslowCNC post.
  • Fixed failing ISEL post.
  • Fixed inverse time/DPM output for rapid moves for Doosan mill-turn post.
  • Avoid Z repositioning after a tool change for posts.
  • Fixed machine axis support for HURCO post.
  • Fixed multi-axis indexing issue for Tormach post.
  • Fixed multi-axis indexing issue for Pocket NC post.
  • Fixed missing RAPTO output for drill cycles for CAMplete post.
  • Fixed output of C-axis when turning for Doosan mill-turn Fanuc post.
  • Fixed issue where post processor could run out of memory. #3115
  • Updated rotary positioning handling for posts.
  • The spindle speed is now output using RPM mode prior to the first positioning and is then output in SFM mode when using 'Use constant surface speed' to avoid starting with a slow RPM for lathe posts.
  • The spindle speed is now output using RPM mode prior to the first positioning and is then output in SFM mode when using 'Use constant surface speed' to avoid starting with a slow RPM for HAAS mill-turn posts.
  • The spindle speed is now output using RPM mode prior to the first positioning and is then output in SFM mode when using 'Use constant surface speed' to avoid starting with a slow RPM for HAAS mill-turn post.
  • Updated tapping feedrate for HAAS mill-turn posts.
  • Added diameter and length registers at tool change for ACU-RITE MILLPWR G2 post.
  • Updated coolant for Heidenhain posts.
  • Updated circular motion handling for DXF post.
  • Updated inverse time/DPM support for posts.
  • Avoid empty blocks for Opticut post.
  • Updated coolant and retract handling for posts.
  • Changed C-reset to use closest virtual C0 instead of absolute C0 for DMS Router posts.
  • Added check for tool break control for DMG MORI NHX and CMX posts.
  • Time output is no longer forced for DATRON posts.
  • Increased minimum chord length for posts.
  • Added more decimals for feedrate for HAAS mill-turn posts.
  • Updated multi-axis indexing for Siemens posts.

Inventor HSM 2019 - Mar 09, 2018

New in this version

  • Fixed the issue that it cannot post process with non-default post processors. #9644

Inventor HSM 2019 - Mar 06, 2018

New in this version

  • Added Inventor HSM API. #9319
  • Fixed the issue that CAM Browser nodes do not display all information. #9526
  • Fixed the issue that toolpath shown in Simulation is different than preview if using In Control compensation. #9456
  • Fixed potential issue where Turning Profile could ignore an area of the given part. #9574
  • Fixed wrong ordering issue for 2D Contour. #9415
  • Fixed wrong toolpath issue for Turning Grooving. #9489

Inventor HSM 2018 - Feb 21, 2018

New in this version

  • Fixed the issue that secondary spindle operations plane selection is showing cylinders instead of planes. #9477
  • Fixed the issue that speed and feed values set to 0 when create new operation using milling tool via Drill operation. #9367
  • Fixed potential generation failure for Adaptive Clearing. #9361
  • Fixed potential generation failure for Adaptive Clearing. #9483
  • Fixed the issue where stock would not be machined for 2D Adaptive Clearing. #9351

Inventor HSM 2018 - Feb 13, 2018

New in this version

  • Improved rest machining quality for Turning Profile/Grooving. #8385
  • Fixed wrong multi-axis handling for feed optimization. #9509
  • Fixed crash when switch to model browser after activating assembly sub-component. #9470
  • Fixed issue where lead would hit stock for Turning Grooving. #9394
  • Fixed issue where cutting feedrate would be used instead of lead/in/out feedrate for certain linking moves for Adaptive Clearing. #8845
  • Fixed missing compensation in control when using back trimming of cutting passes for 2D Contour. #9391
  • Fixed preserve order when using roughing passes for 2D Contour/Pocket. #9290
  • Fixed potential lead-out issue when using back cutting (Sandvik PrimeTurning) for Turning Profile. #9073
  • Fixed issue where Adaptive Clearing was not using plunge feedrate. #8708
  • Improved lead-in for finishing passes by extending beyond the safe distance for 2D Contour. This will avoid skipped passes in additional cases. #9260
  • Improved linking for Adaptive Clearing to avoid stay further away from stock when moving down outside of stock. #9066

Inventor HSM 2018 - Jan 30, 2018

New in this version

  • Fixed issue that disabled the direction arrow after clearing geometry input in Flow and Swarf. #9397
  • Fixed crash in "Flow" when switching Flow direction. #9368
  • Fixed unsupported stroke scaling for Internet Explorer / Edge browsers. #9352
  • Fixed crash due to invalid plane/origin for protected operation. #9317
  • Fixed regression where Mouse clicking no longer worked after renaming a browser node. #9282
  • Post Processing: Fixed issue where getGlobalParameter() always returns the value in MM. #9347

Inventor HSM 2018 - Dec 22, 2017

New in this version

  • Fixed constant surface speed setting (turning) modified when specify "No" on "update speeds and feeds" dialog when change tool #9100
  • Fixed the issue where undo multiple CAM operations doesn't refresh browser nodes. #8868
  • Ensured the correct value is suggested for turning insert thickness when insert code is typed into tool editor dialog. #6541
  • Fixed the regression - getting 0 Leed-in feedrate warning for Probing operation. #9266

Inventor HSM 2018 - Aug 19, 2017

New in this version

  • Added "Only Same Hole Depth" and "Only Same Z Top Height" to Drill when using "Select Same Diameter". #8030
  • Added "Keep Original" option to Duplication and Component pattern. #8073
  • Changed default rounding for relative size cylindrical stock to 0. #7739
  • Set the focus of the Compare and Edit dialog to be the text filter on launch. #7908
  • Avoid license dialog when upgrading from previous version. #8090
  • Fixed crash trying to show preview on certain models. #8072
  • Fixed issue in 2D Chamfer where no vertical lead out radius was produced when "Same as lead in" is checked. #8041
  • Activate selection control when choosing "Selection" on heights tab. #3614
  • Hide Stock to Leave parameter for Turning Chamfer #1465

Inventor HSM 2018 - Aug 08, 2017

New in this version

  • Stop prompting for serial number after installing new build. #7186

Changes to toolpath generation

  • Changed turning to return error when multiple disjoint contours are provided. #6156
  • Added support for merging multiple contours when they are touching for turning. #6156
  • Improved support for predrilling for 2D Contour to support cases where tool size is very close to the pocket being machining. #7675
  • Improved retract linking for Turning Profile. #7498
  • Improved toolpath quality near rotary axis for Turning Profile. #7545
  • Changed movement to using predrilling feed for Adaptive Clearing when using the predrill feature. #7743
  • Fixed issue when Adaptive Clearing would get stuck during calculation. #7327
  • Fixed potential failure for Turning Grooving. #7844
  • Fixed potential failure for Adaptive Clearing. #6587
  • Fixed issue with leads not remaining in fixed orientation when cutting at an angle for Turning Profile. #7782
  • Fixed retract exceeding clearance for Turning Profile. #7837
  • Fixed potential failure during staydown for Adaptive Clearing. #7825
  • Fixed potential failure for Adaptive Clearing. #7294

Inventor HSM 2018 - Jun 30, 2017

New in this version

  • Improved turning toolpath preview for ID operations. Toolpath is now shown through the model, and the stock area preview is shown without edges. #6423
  • Added parametric confinement for turning, and removed the old confinement. #2894
  • Added retract height to Profiling and Grooving. #7290
  • Added retract height to turning Face, Part, Single Groove and Chamfer. #7291
  • Added support for embedding pictures in Setup Sheet.
  • Added relevant turning tool information in Setup Sheet.
  • Added support for turning tool preview in Setup Sheet. #2501
  • Added retract height for turning threading. Removed inner and outer radius as they did not affect the generated toolpaths. #4042
  • IdeaStation: Support ability for user to choose which license level (Premium/Ultimate) to use. #7412
  • Added dwell option for the Single Groove opration #7451
  • Allow user to disable toolpath generation on creation/change of an operation. This option can be changed in Inventor HSM options. #6422
  • IdeaStation: Use program name/comment from setup if only operation(s) selected. #7138
  • Fixed wrong stock simulation issue when milling comes after a Turning Thread operation. #7582
  • Simple ordering functionality for Parallel operation is now obeying the setting. #7593
  • Ensure that vertical moves for 2D Contour are generated with Plunge feed. #7512
  • Prevent unnecessary invalidation of operations using rest machining from tool (instead of operations) when re-ordering operations. #7458
  • Fix misspelling in Preserve Order tooltip. #7517
  • Prevent overwriting of all tool parameters just by re-selecting the same tool (with no changes). #7450
  • The Leads on all Finishing Passes parameter in 2D Contour / 2D Pocket is now being obeyed. #1366
  • Fixed wrong start position for bore milling cycle when using conventional milling direction. #7496
  • Avoid text truncation on Product Information button. #7026
  • When copying a pattern containing a drill operation from one document to another, Fusion would crash when attempting to fix the missing selections in the pasted pattern/operations. #7506
  • Custom value specified as size of a turning insert is now being persisted #7443
  • Calculating proper compensation point when selecting 'Tip tangent' for inserts without holder. #6742
  • Fix scenario in Inventor 2018 where CAM-specific marking menu would not be shown in simulate command if CAM browser is not active. #7383

Inventor HSM 2018 - May 12, 2017

New in this version

  • Added new error validation for turning tools: Overall Length must be greater than Head Length. #3488
  • Fixed performance issue on parts with many operations using Rest Machining. #7282
  • Fixed issue where "Live tool" setting was not saved correctly. #7309
  • Fixed issue where selecting a solid for "From Solid" would not always be possible. #6780

Inventor HSM 2017 - Dec 06, 2016

New in this version

  • Added support for both sides ordering for Face to reduce machining time when doing multiple stepdowns. #4469
  • Add support for entry position for 2D Chamfer. #5208
  • Fix side arrow is shown in wrong place for Swarf and machine other side. #5452
  • Fixed wrong probe work offset when using multiple work offsets feature in Setup. #5754
  • Fixed precision issue with parts where the WCS or Tool View origin are far from the model origin. #5088

Inventor HSM 2017 - Nov 04, 2016

New in this version

  • Stock transfer strategies Secondary Spindle Chuck and Secondary Spindle Return added. Also remove menu entry for the old strategy Stock Transfer. #5504
  • Added "Wrap Toolpath" option to 2D Contour, 2D Pocket, 2D Adaptive for creating 4-axis substituted operations.
  • Using a Spot drill for drilling exposes linear feedrates. #5413
  • Allow open contour selections for Slot again. #5503
  • Improved behavior when specifying inconsistent tool dimensions (e.g. corner radius equal or more than half the diameter). #5493
  • Fixed issue where vertical lead-out radius remained unchanged. #5365
  • Fixed wrap from sketches so it supports arbitrary sketch planes. #5260
  • Fix model override with a non closed curve, when doing ID turning. #4903
  • Fixed wrong stock simulation issue for Standard mode when turning off shaft/holder during stock simulation.
  • Fixed toolpath generation for turning operations when using a tool without holder. #5258
  • Better error message when selecting cyclic geometry for Wrap Toolpath. #5259
  • Fixed issue where the turning origin could be off-center if the model was not symmetric and Model Front or Model Back were chosen. #5258
  • Take confinement settings into account when using model override in turning. #4900

Inventor HSM 2017 - Sep 26, 2016

New in this version

  • Probing: Added support for probing corners. #4306
  • Added support for "Order by Area" to 2D Adaptive.
  • Added "Minimum Stay-Down Clearance" parameter to 2D and 3D Adaptive.
  • Add shortcut key support on the CAM ribbon. #4539
  • Re-enabled "Chamfer" option in Trace strategy. #3136
  • Turning: No longer show model profile outline since it can cover parts of the toolpath.
  • Changed default for "Keep Tool Down" to Off for 2D Contour. #3619
  • Probing: Fix support for probing a rectangular pocket by selecting bottom face. #4471
  • Probing: Improved handling of invalid geometry selections. #5035
  • Probing: Fixed incorrect probing position for this example. #4978
  • Probing: Improved handling of changing WCS. #4845
  • Probing: Fixed issue when regenerating #4157
  • Change label from Coolant to Through Tool Coolant in cutter definition dialog. Removes redundancy from two coolant selections, and makes it clear what the options here actually mean. #4678
  • Fixed potential hang during load of part file for certain newer PCs. #4702
  • Modified ordering of tool info to list Description ahead of Vendor and Product ID. #4681
  • Fix case when default folder removal from browser tree doesn't assign another default folder. #4636
  • Fixed the default value of the thread pitch for turning threading. The default value is now the pitch set for the tool. #4576
  • Fixed visualization issue for radial heights with value equal to 0 (or less) by not rendering the parts that are invalid. #4593
  • Fix Adaptive with rest not being marked as dirty when operations before it are changed. #4568
  • Fixed potentially false collision for turning threading retracts in Simulate. #4559
  • Fixed issue where Max RPM for turning tools was reset to 0 after making changes via the tool library. #3091
  • Fixed regression where Adaptive could sometimes clip edges at rapid and rapid plunge into stock. #4477
  • Fixed hang issue when entering zero as pecking depth in Turning Single Groove. #4150

Inventor HSM 2017 - Jul 11, 2016

New in this version

  • Fixed issue where drilling from faces in assemblies was not working. #4487
  • Fixed support for maximum spindle speed for turning. #4494
  • Fixed issue where Simulate would report collisions for non-engagement moves for Adaptive Clearing toolpath. #4489
  • Fix toolpath doesn't get dirty on model change in an assembly. #4212
  • Fix entering surface speed looks like its being converted to meters from inch input. #4041

Changes to post processor

  • Added plane/orientation of toolpath for XML post.

Inventor HSM 2017 - Jun 28, 2016

New in this version

  • Added option to open the Online Post Library from the post dialog menu.
  • Added short description, vendor, and long description for the post selection tool tip. The long description is now also shown for the properties.
  • Added Turkish translation.
  • Prevent out of memory issue when using Simulate by hard limiting toolpath expanded for drilling cycles. Simulate will fail rather than using up all memory. #4408
  • Renamed "Morphing" to "Morph" and "Projection" to "Project" for consistency with other strategies.
  • On model change, operation generation should be aborted. #3225
  • Fix for Simulating or posting when selecting root / document node causes pattern source to be repeated #4437
  • Fixed issue where Scallop could fail to generate when using a tapered tool. #4381
  • Fix operations that did not get aborted when changing the Setup. #3225
  • Fixed potential crash when simulating milling toolpath in Stock Simulation. #4386
  • Ramp height in 2D Adaptive incorrectly calculated when 'stock to leave' is used. #1681
  • Fixed "keep original" parameter in nested patterns. #4242
  • Fixed missing highlighting when high feed or no-engagement moves cause collisions in Simulate. #4362
  • Fixed deleting a pattern object leaves visual tool path. #4095
  • Fixed wrong stock simulation issue when using dual spindle turning. #3620
  • Fixed potential crash when using Spun Profile for mill/turn parts.
  • Fix crash in Inventor when select pattern with suppress operations. #4195
  • Fixed problem with the single groove operation that did not work for ID. #4151

Changes to toolpath generation

  • Improved progress support for Adaptive Clearing. #3215
  • Improved stay down linking for Contour.
  • Fixed wrong toolpath issue for Slot. #1505
  • Fixed potential gouge when ramping for Contour. #3523
  • Fixed potential linking gouge when using tapered tool. #3522
  • Fixed gouge on the rotary axis for ID profile turning. #3803
  • Fixed a rare gouge when using smooth transition linking. #3944
  • Fixed potential shaft or holder collision for Contour. #3893
  • Fixed potential generation failure for Adaptive Clearing. #3450
  • Fixed an issue where linking moves for 3D strategies in very rare cases could gouge the part with less than 2 times the tolerance. #4074
  • Fixed potential generation failure when doing undercut milling for Contour. #4189
  • Fixed wrong retract motion issue for Turning when moving to home position. #4127
  • Fixed wrong toolpath issue when minimum cutting radius for 2D Contour for 180 degree arcs. #4191
  • Fixed wrong retract motion for Adaptive Clearing. #4253
  • Fixed wrong linking issue for 2D Chamfer. #3671
  • Fixed an issue where in very rare cases a wrong arc could be output for toolpath generation. #4002

Changes to post processor

  • Added support for multi-axis simultaneous toolpath for generic Heidenhain 407 post.
  • Improved coolant handling for generic Haas milling posts.
  • Added support for dust collector for generic CNC Router Parts post.
  • Fixed repositionToCycleClearance() which could reposition to undesired position. This would in general happen more likely for inch mode rather than for metric mode. #4213
  • Fixed failure for generic Multicam HPGL post.
  • Added C9 macro call at tool change for generic Shopbot posts.
  • Fixed multi-axis support for generic Shopbot posts.
  • Fixed order of M3/M4 and S-word for the generic TinyG post.

InventorHSM 2017 - May 03, 2016

New in this version

  • Added sample tools for probing.
  • Added option to choose standard or Pro during installation.
  • For Morphing automatically align newly selected contours.
  • Various minor fixes to probing.
  • Fixed potential crash when moving or deleting items.

InventorHSM 2017 - Apr 28, 2016

New in this version

  • Added 3D Morph strategy.
  • Added WCS Probe strategy.
  • Added support for optional toolpath for Haas UMC-750 post.
  • Notes can now be saved and retrived as part of operation template. #3509
  • Support Inventor 2017. #3437
  • Added alternate flanking feature for turning threading. This feature will give more even utilization of both sides of the thread insert for longer tool life.
  • Updated UI translations.
  • Expand "Ramp" group by default. #3644
  • Turning: Show model profile outline.
  • The "Minimum cutting radius" parameter box is now located higher up in the the Command Page. #3326
  • The Tool Library now preserves the expansion state for folders. #3305
  • Fixed occasional crash during chaining. #3664
  • Fix toolpath preview after release the Pattern browser node. #3656
  • Fixed wrong Chamfer Mill Tool profile. #3490
  • Fixed issue with "Select same diameter" for conical holes on opposite sides of the model. #3449
  • Fix pattern previewing only first operation in the folder. Also fix nested pattern previewing. #1812
  • Fixed potential error when editing an operation with sketch selection. #3387
  • Fixed potential wrong validation error for derived operations. #2264
  • Fixed issue where an operation could be edited even when it was marked as 'protected'. #2698
  • Mills with Taper Angle can now be used with the "To Chamfer Width" and "To Chamfer Diameter" height modes in Drilling. #3320
  • Fixed issue with the High Feed Mapping dropdown list not updating in the Post Processing dialog. #3172

Changes to toolpath generation

  • Improved toolpath generation time for leads in Adaptive Clearing. This improvement can reduce the generation significantly when the toolpath has a lot of lead moves. #3538
  • Fixed generation failure for Adaptive Clearing. #3325
  • Fixed wrong toolpath issue for turning Grooving. #2586
  • Fixed potential hang issue for Adaptive Clearing. #3367
  • Changed the behavior of the retract to home position to keep the tool away from the rotary axis when doing ID turning. #2393
  • Fixed generating failure for Adaptive Clearing. #3445
  • Fixed lead issue for Adaptive Clearing. #3501
  • Fixed very tiny gouges that could happened for Spiral. #3512
  • Fixed potential toolpath generation failure. #3560
  • Fixed long retract along Z-axis for turning when moving to home position. #3391
  • Fixed too long retract to the home position for turning ID grooving. #3335

Changes to post processor

  • Added program name in title for Epilog Laser post.
  • Added forceIJK property for force output of IJK for G2/G3 when not using R word for generic Fanuc post.
  • Added option to turn off G28 for generic Denford post.
  • Updated generic Haas UMC-750 post to do fast C-axis unwind.
  • Changed description for Tormach milling post to include PathPilot.
  • Fixed incremental pecking depth for Heidenhain turning.
  • Fixed machine retracts for generic Okuma post.
  • Fixed circular output and scaling for generic ISEL post.
  • Fixed flipped orientation of SVG post.
  • Fixed flipped orientation of SVG output for Epilog Laser post.
  • Fixed incremental pecking depth for FANUC turning.