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Variable Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Variable (Map specifiers, Format format)
String format (Number value)
Value getPrefix ()
 setPrefix (Value prefix)
 disable ()
 reset ()
Value getCurrent ()

Detailed Description

A formatting variable. Instances of this class are used to format incoming values. State is maintained to avoid output for unchanged values.

var xFormat = createFormat({decimals:3, trim:false});
var xVariable = createVariable({prefix: "X"}, xFormat);
var str = xVariable.format(4.4); // returns "X4.400"
str = xVariable.format(4.4); // returns ""
str = xVariable.format(7); // returns "X7.000"

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Variable()

Variable ( Map  specifiers,
Format  format 

Constructs a variable.

specifiersThe specifiers.
formatThe desired format.

The supported specifiers are:

  1. prefix: Specifies a prefix to be prepended the formatted value.
  2. force: Specifies that the value always must be output.

Member Function Documentation

◆ disable()

disable ( )

Disable variable. When invoked format() always returns the empty string.

◆ format()

String format ( Number  value)

Returns the formatted string of the specified value. The empty string is returned if the value is identical to the last formatted value.

◆ getCurrent()

Value getCurrent ( )

Returns the last formatted value.

◆ getPrefix()

Value getPrefix ( )

Returns the prefix.

◆ reset()

reset ( )

Invoke to force output of value on the next invocation of format(). reset() has no effect if force has been set to true for the given format.

◆ setPrefix()

setPrefix ( Value  prefix)

Sets the prefix.

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