Update 2 for Autodesk® Inventor HSM™ 2017

Release Notes

Build / January 7, 2017
Autodesk, Inc.


This document covers all three Inventor CAM products:

What’s New
System Requirements


As part of the transition to a combined Autodesk HSM offering, we are adjusting the naming of the different HSMWorks and Inventor HSM editions to align with the “Premium” and “Ultimate” levels. This results in the following transitions:

Capabilities of the respective editions remains unchanged.
Please note that this transition is still a work-in-progress, and you may still encounter areas in the product or documentation where the previous naming remains. We apologize for any confusion this may cause.

All versions of Inventor HSM (including Inventor HSM Express)


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Autodesk Inventor HSM 2017 supports Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, and Windows 10 64-bit.
Disk Requirements – Autodesk Inventor HSM 2017

System Actual Disk Required

Windows 64-bit HSM add-in install 0.4 GB

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New installation

Updating an existing installation

Before installing an update there is no need to uninstall a previous Inventor HSM release; but if you prefer to do so, you can uninstall the relevant release in Programs and Features in Windows Control Panel by accessing “View installed updates”.

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We encourage you to provide your feedback to us and help make Inventor HSM even better. If you encounter issues not covered in this document, please report them to Autodesk through your reseller or to the Inventor HSM team directly at inventorhsm@autodesk.com or on the CAM discussion forum.
The Autodesk CAM Team
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