Autodesk® Inventor CAM™ 2023

Release Notes

Build / 13 April 2022
Autodesk, Inc.


This document covers these Inventor CAM products:

What’s New
System Requirements


The following changes have been made in the current update (2023):

Changes for Drilling

Changes for Milling

Changes for Turning

Changes for Setups

Changes for UI

Changes for Post Process

Changes for Setup Sheet

Changes for API

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New installation

Updating an existing installation

Before installing an update there is no need to uninstall a previous Inventor CAM release; but if you prefer to do so, you can uninstall the relevant release in Programs and Features in Windows Control Panel by accessing “View installed updates”.

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We encourage you to provide your feedback to us and help make Inventor CAM even better. If you encounter issues not covered in this document, please report them to Autodesk through your reseller, on the CAM discussion forum, or to the Inventor CAM team using 'Send Feedback' on the 'Help' menu.

The Autodesk CAM Team
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