Post Processor Configuration

The format of the processed NC output is determined by a post processing configuration script. This script is responsible for transforming the intermediate NC data one NC record at a time. The basic format of the configuration script is the JavaScript language. The JavaScript language is quite simple and easy to learn. Tutorials for JavaScript are widely available on the Internet.

The following standard JavaScript API classes are supported from the configuration script: Array, Boolean, Date, Math, Number, and String.

Note that JavaScript is a case sensitive language meaning that 'qwerty' and 'Qwerty' do not refer to the same data. All angles are represented in radians unless otherwise specified. You can use toDeg() and toRad() functions to convert between radians and degrees. This allows seemless integration with the standard JavaScript API.

For a quick overview of the primary requirements you can start by examining the minimal post configuration script 'minimal.cps' located in the posts folder.

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