What would you do with a 50%
reduction in machining time?

Improve productivity and expand capabilities with Inventor HSM 3-axis CAM solution

Compared to 2.5-axis strategies, using 3-axis toolpaths for prismatic parts can provide dramatic improvements in productivity. Inventor HSM 3-axis CAM also allows you to expand the capabilities of your shop beyond prismatic parts and take on higher value projects.

Why use Inventor HSM 3-axis CAM?

  • Reduced number of setups: Cut surfaces not on the horizontal plane without reorienting the part.
  • Automated collision detection: Avoid simulation runs and the risk of human error with an automatic shaft and holder collision avoidance.
  • Advanced machining strategies: 3D adaptive machining, parallel and 3D contour, plus stock-based rest machining (to reduce air cutting).
  • Expanded capabilities: Move beyond prismatic parts and take higher value projects requiring more complex profiles.
  • Inventor® CAD software included: Fully featured Inventor 3D CAD included, with AnyCAD technology to improve your ability to work with design data from most sources.
2X to 3X Image3
2_5-to-3D_NEUTRAL_HSMW 2X to 3X Image1 2X to 3X Image2

Turn on Inventor HSM with a single mouse-click!

Get the latest update for your Inventor HSM Express product and turn on 3-axis capabilities at the push of a button. Look for the 30-day trial button under the “CAM” menu.

Inventor HSM Express

Build, August 17 2015

Contact your local Autodesk CAM reseller and take advantage of a limited time special offer to upgrade to Inventor HSM.