Download Inventor HSM Development Versions

Inventor HSM Development Versions

Important: The downloads on this page are development releases which contain the latest features and fixes. The development versions are, however, not thoroughly tested, and therefore not suitable for production use. For production work, please use the latest official version.

New feature Changed feature Fixed problem #123 Related Ticket

Inventor HSM 2018 / February 13, 2018
New in this version:
Improved rest machining quality for Turning Profile/Grooving. #8385
Fixed wrong multi-axis handling for feed optimization. #9509
Fixed crash when switch to model browser after activating assembly sub-component. #9470
Fixed issue where lead would hit stock for Turning Grooving. #9394
Fixed issue where cutting feedrate would be used instead of lead/in/out feedrate for certain linking moves for Adaptive Clearing. #8845
Fixed missing compensation in control when using back trimming of cutting passes for 2D Contour. #9391
Fixed preserve order when using roughing passes for 2D Contour/Pocket. #9290
Fixed potential lead-out issue when using back cutting (Sandvik PrimeTurning) for Turning Profile. #9073
Fixed issue where Adaptive Clearing was not using plunge feedrate. #8708
Improved lead-in for finishing passes by extending beyond the safe distance for 2D Contour. This will avoid skipped passes in additional cases. #9260
Improved linking for Adaptive Clearing to avoid stay further away from stock when moving down outside of stock. #9066

Inventor HSM 2018 / January 30, 2018
New in this version:
Fixed issue that disabled the direction arrow after clearing geometry input in Flow and Swarf. #9397
Fixed crash in "Flow" when switching Flow direction. #9368
Fixed unsupported stroke scaling for Internet Explorer / Edge browsers. #9352
Fixed crash due to invalid plane/origin for protected operation. #9317
Fixed regression where Mouse clicking no longer worked after renaming a browser node. #9282
Post Processing: Fixed issue where getGlobalParameter() always returns the value in MM. #9347

Inventor HSM 2018 / December 22, 2017
New in this version:
Fixed constant surface speed setting (turning) modified when specify "No" on "update speeds and feeds" dialog when change tool #9100
Fixed the issue where undo multiple CAM operations doesn't refresh browser nodes. #8868
Ensured the correct value is suggested for turning insert thickness when insert code is typed into tool editor dialog. #6541
Fixed the regression - getting 0 Leed-in feedrate warning for Probing operation. #9266

Inventor HSM 2018 / December 20, 2017
New in this version:
Added support for both ways Adaptive Clearing. When both ways is enabled to can set a separate load and feedrate for the opposite cutting direction. You can use this feature to reduce machining time further when roughing depending on the material you are machining. The main cutting direction (normally Climb) will be the preferred cutting direction but the opposite direction will be used when the alternative non-engaging stay down linking would be estimated to be longer.
Fixed feedrate for both ways Adaptive Clearing. #9235
Fixed the issue where the maximum spindle speed would be overwritten when selecting tool which uses constant surface speed. #8394
Ensure blend and morph strategies are shown appropriately in ribbon and derived context menu. #8461
Fixed the issue where faces and bodies could not be selected in assemblies on Inventor. #9229
Disallow post processing operations that are still being generated. #9218

Inventor HSM 2018 / December 12, 2017
New in this version:
Added support for other way feedrate for Adaptive Clearing. #9198
Allow selection of components for Model selections. #1603

Inventor HSM 2018 / December 11, 2017
New in this version:
2d Profile strategy is enabled. #8863
Fixed feedrate for both ways Adaptive Clearing.

Inventor HSM 2018 / December 8, 2017
New in this version:
Fixed for engagement when using both ways Adaptive Clearing.

Inventor HSM 2018 / December 6, 2017
New in this version:
Fixed wrong toolpath for Swarf when using surface driven mode. #9068
Fixed wrong toolpath for circular nested pockets for 2D Pocket. #8899
Fixed issue with memory usage when machining tiny pockets for Adaptive Clearing. #8732
Back Cutting improvements. #8946

Inventor HSM 2018 / November 11, 2017
New in this version:
"Flow" strategy is available. #8489
Fixed crash in simulation when in weldment assembly. #8900

Inventor HSM 2018 / November 6, 2017
New in this version:
Added "4-axis limit" option to multi-axis strategies. #8591
Drilling: Display a counter for the number of holes being machined. #8221
Added setting for entry radius for turning profiling. #8466
Fixed potential crash when closing document while toolpath is generating. #8814
Added support for pecking for Turning Profile. #8835
Fixed issue with folder selection dialog. #8770
Fixed issue with unsupported tool orientation for machine when post processing. #8772
Fixed issue where max number of concurrent tasks specified in the CAM task manager was not obeyed. #8781
Fixed missing unit mapping for Section.getParameter() API for number parameters of post process. #8724
Fixed missing properties for CurveEntity API of post process. #8766
Make the proper conversion of cutting edge length as specified by user, to the inscribed circle diameter which is used internally. #6541
Ensure correct handling of roughing-related parameters for Turning Profile Groove strategy #8605 #8711
Fixed issue where generating a duplicated operation would affect the log of the original operation. #8700
Enable Fixed Lead Angle by default #7763
Fixed Crash_CER report 153497122: INV crashes when trying to create 2D Pocket/Adaptive operation for certain parts if using Face geometry selection. #8138
Fixed support for post processing to files that do not have a file extension. #8722
Fixed incorrect copying and pasting of operations within folders. #3757
Fixed wrong tool holder type for turning when post processing. #8628
Fixed crash in simulation if hit Enter key. #8667
Fixed potential failure when using Section.getCycleTime() API for probing toolpath. #8551
Max Spindle Speed overwritten if choose tool with constant surface speed set. #8394
Disabled the Heights pre-selection when user has selected "selection". #8281
Heights: Disable selection of height planes in the work area for "selection". #8281

Inventor HSM 2018 / August 30, 2017
New in this version:
Improved tool information for HTML setup sheet. #8098
Added 'Chuck Front' as possible reference for secondary spindle operations. #8160
Use new parametric confinement for Turning Part and Face #8079
Fix incorrect toolpath in 2D Contour when using the Do Chamfer parameter. #8207
Selection button not auto-activated after make a previous selection. #3354
Fix cases where CAM browser doesn't get updated properly when working with opened assembly component. #8081

Inventor HSM 2018 / August 19, 2017
New in this version:
Added "Only Same Hole Depth" and "Only Same Z Top Height" to Drill when using "Select Same Diameter". #8030
Added "Keep Original" option to Duplication and Component pattern. #8073
Changed default rounding for relative size cylindrical stock to 0. #7739
Set the focus of the Compare and Edit dialog to be the text filter on launch. #7908
Avoid license dialog when upgrading from previous version. #8090
Fixed crash trying to show preview on certain models. #8072
Fixed issue in 2D Chamfer where no vertical lead out radius was produced when "Same as lead in" is checked. #8041
Activate selection control when choosing "Selection" on heights tab. #3614
Hide Stock to Leave parameter for Turning Chamfer #1465

Inventor HSM 2018 / August 8, 2017
New in this version:
Stop prompting for serial number after installing new build. #7186
Changed turning to return error when multiple disjoint contours are provided. #6156
Added support for merging multiple contours when they are touching for turning. #6156
Improved support for predrilling for 2D Contour to support cases where tool size is very close to the pocket being machining. #7675
Improved retract linking for Turning Profile. #7498
Improved toolpath quality near rotary axis for Turning Profile. #7545
Changed movement to using predrilling feed for Adaptive Clearing when using the predrill feature. #7743
Fixed issue when Adaptive Clearing would get stuck during calculation. #7327
Fixed potential failure for Turning Grooving. #7844
Fixed potential failure for Adaptive Clearing. #6587
Fixed issue with leads not remaining in fixed orientation when cutting at an angle for Turning Profile. #7782
Fixed retract exceeding clearance for Turning Profile. #7837
Fixed potential failure during staydown for Adaptive Clearing. #7825
Fixed potential failure for Adaptive Clearing. #7294

Inventor HSM 2018 / June 30, 2017
New in this version:
Improved turning toolpath preview for ID operations. Toolpath is now shown through the model, and the stock area preview is shown without edges. #6423
Added parametric confinement for turning, and removed the old confinement. #2894
Added retract height to Profiling and Grooving. #7290
Added retract height to turning Face, Part, Single Groove and Chamfer. #7291
Added support for embedding pictures in Setup Sheet.
Added relevant turning tool information in Setup Sheet.
Added support for turning tool preview in Setup Sheet. #2501
Added retract height for turning threading. Removed inner and outer radius as they did not affect the generated toolpaths. #4042
IdeaStation: Support ability for user to choose which license level (Premium/Ultimate) to use. #7412
Added dwell option for the Single Groove opration #7451
Allow user to disable toolpath generation on creation/change of an operation. This option can be changed in Inventor HSM options. #6422
IdeaStation: Use program name/comment from setup if only operation(s) selected. #7138
Fixed wrong stock simulation issue when milling comes after a Turning Thread operation. #7582
Simple ordering functionality for Parallel operation is now obeying the setting. #7593
Ensure that vertical moves for 2D Contour are generated with Plunge feed. #7512
Prevent unnecessary invalidation of operations using rest machining from tool (instead of operations) when re-ordering operations. #7458
Fix misspelling in Preserve Order tooltip. #7517
Prevent overwriting of all tool parameters just by re-selecting the same tool (with no changes). #7450
The Leads on all Finishing Passes parameter in 2D Contour / 2D Pocket is now being obeyed. #1366
Fixed wrong start position for bore milling cycle when using conventional milling direction. #7496
Avoid text truncation on Product Information button. #7026
When copying a pattern containing a drill operation from one document to another, Fusion would crash when attempting to fix the missing selections in the pasted pattern/operations. #7506
Custom value specified as size of a turning insert is now being persisted #7443
Calculating proper compensation point when selecting 'Tip tangent' for inserts without holder. #6742
Fix scenario in Inventor 2018 where CAM-specific marking menu would not be shown in simulate command if CAM browser is not active. #7383

Inventor HSM 2018 / May 12, 2017
New in this version:
Added new error validation for turning tools: Overall Length must be greater than Head Length. #3488
Fixed performance issue on parts with many operations using Rest Machining. #7282
Fixed issue where "Live tool" setting was not saved correctly. #7309
Fixed issue where selecting a solid for "From Solid" would not always be possible. #6780

Inventor HSM 2017 / December 6, 2016
New in this version:
Added support for both sides ordering for Face to reduce machining time when doing multiple stepdowns. #4469
Add support for entry position for 2D Chamfer. #5208
Fix side arrow is shown in wrong place for Swarf and machine other side. #5452
Fixed wrong probe work offset when using multiple work offsets feature in Setup. #5754
Fixed precision issue with parts where the WCS or Tool View origin are far from the model origin. #5088

Inventor HSM 2017 / November 4, 2016
New in this version:
Stock transfer strategies Secondary Spindle Chuck and Secondary Spindle Return added. Also remove menu entry for the old strategy Stock Transfer. #5504
Added "Wrap Toolpath" option to 2D Contour, 2D Pocket, 2D Adaptive for creating 4-axis substituted operations.
Using a Spot drill for drilling exposes linear feedrates. #5413
Allow open contour selections for Slot again. #5503
Improved behavior when specifying inconsistent tool dimensions (e.g. corner radius equal or more than half the diameter). #5493
Fixed issue where vertical lead-out radius remained unchanged. #5365
Fixed wrap from sketches so it supports arbitrary sketch planes. #5260
Fix model override with a non closed curve, when doing ID turning. #4903
Fixed wrong stock simulation issue for Standard mode when turning off shaft/holder during stock simulation.
Fixed toolpath generation for turning operations when using a tool without holder. #5258
Better error message when selecting cyclic geometry for Wrap Toolpath. #5259
Fixed issue where the turning origin could be off-center if the model was not symmetric and Model Front or Model Back were chosen. #5258
Take confinement settings into account when using model override in turning. #4900

Inventor HSM 2017 / September 26, 2016
New in this version:
Probing: Added support for probing corners. #4306
Added support for "Order by Area" to 2D Adaptive.
Added "Minimum Stay-Down Clearance" parameter to 2D and 3D Adaptive.
Add shortcut key support on the CAM ribbon. #4539
Re-enabled "Chamfer" option in Trace strategy. #3136
Turning: No longer show model profile outline since it can cover parts of the toolpath.
Changed default for "Keep Tool Down" to Off for 2D Contour. #3619
Probing: Fix support for probing a rectangular pocket by selecting bottom face. #4471
Probing: Improved handling of invalid geometry selections. #5035
Probing: Fixed incorrect probing position for this example. #4978
Probing: Improved handling of changing WCS. #4845
Probing: Fixed issue when regenerating #4157
Change label from Coolant to Through Tool Coolant in cutter definition dialog. Removes redundancy from two coolant selections, and makes it clear what the options here actually mean. #4678
Fixed potential hang during load of part file for certain newer PCs. #4702
Modified ordering of tool info to list Description ahead of Vendor and Product ID. #4681
Fix case when default folder removal from browser tree doesn't assign another default folder. #4636
Fixed the default value of the thread pitch for turning threading. The default value is now the pitch set for the tool. #4576
Fixed visualization issue for radial heights with value equal to 0 (or less) by not rendering the parts that are invalid. #4593
Fix Adaptive with rest not being marked as dirty when operations before it are changed. #4568
Fixed potentially false collision for turning threading retracts in Simulate. #4559
Fixed issue where Max RPM for turning tools was reset to 0 after making changes via the tool library. #3091
Fixed regression where Adaptive could sometimes clip edges at rapid and rapid plunge into stock. #4477
Fixed hang issue when entering zero as pecking depth in Turning Single Groove. #4150

Inventor HSM 2017 / July 11, 2016
New in this version:
Fixed issue where drilling from faces in assemblies was not working. #4487
Fixed support for maximum spindle speed for turning. #4494
Fixed issue where Simulate would report collisions for non-engagement moves for Adaptive Clearing toolpath. #4489
Fix toolpath doesn't get dirty on model change in an assembly. #4212
Fix entering surface speed looks like its being converted to meters from inch input. #4041
Changes to post processor:
Added plane/orientation of toolpath for XML post.

Inventor HSM 2017 / June 28, 2016
New in this version:
Added option to open the Online Post Library from the post dialog menu.
Added short description, vendor, and long description for the post selection tool tip. The long description is now also shown for the properties.
Added Turkish translation.
Prevent out of memory issue when using Simulate by hard limiting toolpath expanded for drilling cycles. Simulate will fail rather than using up all memory. #4408
Renamed "Morphing" to "Morph" and "Projection" to "Project" for consistency with other strategies.
On model change, operation generation should be aborted. #3225
Fix for Simulating or posting when selecting root / document node causes pattern source to be repeated #4437
Fixed issue where Scallop could fail to generate when using a tapered tool. #4381
Fix operations that did not get aborted when changing the Setup. #3225
Fixed potential crash when simulating milling toolpath in Stock Simulation. #4386
Ramp height in 2D Adaptive incorrectly calculated when 'stock to leave' is used. #1681
Fixed "keep original" parameter in nested patterns. #4242
Fixed missing highlighting when high feed or no-engagement moves cause collisions in Simulate. #4362
Fixed deleting a pattern object leaves visual tool path. #4095
Fixed wrong stock simulation issue when using dual spindle turning. #3620
Fixed potential crash when using Spun Profile for mill/turn parts.
Fix crash in Inventor when select pattern with suppress operations. #4195
Fixed problem with the single groove operation that did not work for ID. #4151
Changes to toolpath generation:
Improved progress support for Adaptive Clearing. #3215
Improved stay down linking for Contour.
Fixed wrong toolpath issue for Slot. #1505
Fixed potential gouge when ramping for Contour. #3523
Fixed potential linking gouge when using tapered tool. #3522
Fixed gouge on the rotary axis for ID profile turning. #3803
Fixed a rare gouge when using smooth transition linking. #3944
Fixed potential shaft or holder collision for Contour. #3893
Fixed potential generation failure for Adaptive Clearing. #3450
Fixed an issue where linking moves for 3D strategies in very rare cases could gouge the part with less than 2 times the tolerance. #4074
Fixed potential generation failure when doing undercut milling for Contour. #4189
Fixed wrong retract motion issue for Turning when moving to home position. #4127
Fixed wrong toolpath issue when minimum cutting radius for 2D Contour for 180 degree arcs. #4191
Fixed wrong retract motion for Adaptive Clearing. #4253
Fixed wrong linking issue for 2D Chamfer. #3671
Fixed an issue where in very rare cases a wrong arc could be output for toolpath generation. #4002
Changes to post processor:
Added support for multi-axis simultaneous toolpath for generic Heidenhain 407 post.
Improved coolant handling for generic Haas milling posts.
Added support for dust collector for generic CNC Router Parts post.
Fixed repositionToCycleClearance() which could reposition to undesired position. This would in general happen more likely for inch mode rather than for metric mode. #4213
Fixed failure for generic Multicam HPGL post.
Added C9 macro call at tool change for generic Shopbot posts.
Fixed multi-axis support for generic Shopbot posts.
Fixed order of M3/M4 and S-word for the generic TinyG post.

InventorHSM 2017 / May 3, 2016
New in this version:
Added sample tools for probing.
Added option to choose standard or Pro during installation.
For Morphing automatically align newly selected contours.
Various minor fixes to probing.
Fixed potential crash when moving or deleting items.

InventorHSM 2017 / April 28, 2016
New in this version:
Added 3D Morph strategy.
Added WCS Probe strategy.
Added support for optional toolpath for Haas UMC-750 post.
Notes can now be saved and retrived as part of operation template. #3509
Support Inventor 2017. #3437
Added alternate flanking feature for turning threading. This feature will give more even utilization of both sides of the thread insert for longer tool life.
Updated UI translations.
Expand "Ramp" group by default. #3644
Turning: Show model profile outline.
The "Minimum cutting radius" parameter box is now located higher up in the the Command Page. #3326
The Tool Library now preserves the expansion state for folders. #3305
Fixed occasional crash during chaining. #3664
Fix toolpath preview after release the Pattern browser node. #3656
Fixed wrong Chamfer Mill Tool profile. #3490
Fixed issue with "Select same diameter" for conical holes on opposite sides of the model. #3449
Fix pattern previewing only first operation in the folder. Also fix nested pattern previewing. #1812
Fixed potential error when editing an operation with sketch selection. #3387
Fixed potential wrong validation error for derived operations. #2264
Fixed issue where an operation could be edited even when it was marked as 'protected'. #2698
Mills with Taper Angle can now be used with the "To Chamfer Width" and "To Chamfer Diameter" height modes in Drilling. #3320
Fixed issue with the High Feed Mapping dropdown list not updating in the Post Processing dialog. #3172
Changes to toolpath generation:
Improved toolpath generation time for leads in Adaptive Clearing. This improvement can reduce the generation significantly when the toolpath has a lot of lead moves. #3538
Fixed generation failure for Adaptive Clearing. #3325
Fixed wrong toolpath issue for turning Grooving. #2586
Fixed potential hang issue for Adaptive Clearing. #3367
Changed the behavior of the retract to home position to keep the tool away from the rotary axis when doing ID turning. #2393
Fixed generating failure for Adaptive Clearing. #3445
Fixed lead issue for Adaptive Clearing. #3501
Fixed very tiny gouges that could happened for Spiral. #3512
Fixed potential toolpath generation failure. #3560
Fixed long retract along Z-axis for turning when moving to home position. #3391
Fixed too long retract to the home position for turning ID grooving. #3335
Changes to post processor:
Added program name in title for Epilog Laser post.
Added forceIJK property for force output of IJK for G2/G3 when not using R word for generic Fanuc post.
Added option to turn off G28 for generic Denford post.
Updated generic Haas UMC-750 post to do fast C-axis unwind.
Changed description for Tormach milling post to include PathPilot.
Fixed incremental pecking depth for Heidenhain turning.
Fixed machine retracts for generic Okuma post.
Fixed circular output and scaling for generic ISEL post.
Fixed flipped orientation of SVG post.
Fixed flipped orientation of SVG output for Epilog Laser post.
Fixed incremental pecking depth for FANUC turning.

Inventor HSM 2016 / January 29, 2016
New in this version:
Added "Pull Away" in Shaft and Holder Mode for 3D Adaptive.
Added column for Compensation Offset in Tool Library header. #3230
The Tool Library now remembers if the folders are expanded or collapsed. #3305
Updated 2D Contour defaults so Keep Tool Down is disabled when using chamfer mode.
Fixed crash when simulating no toolpath. #3316
Fixed issue with wrong toolpath for engrave of sketch text. #3323 #1383
Turning Spun Profile: Fixed problem where you could get error about multiple contours. #3321
Fixed crash when using Tabs option in 2D Contour with geometry containing splines. #3342
Fix crash when the contour arrow in 2D Pocket. #3317
Fixed crash when closing assembly file on some PCs. #3301
Fix 4K issues found in Inventor HSM (text cuttoff, icon/button not scaled, tooltip image cutoff, text not correctly scaled). #2882

Inventor HSM 2016 / January 15, 2016
New in this version:
Fixed crash when creating Drilling operations. #3266
Fixed issue where Setup Sheet did not work. #3239
Changes to post processor:
Fixed feed scaling issue for inch mode for generic Datron posts.

Inventor HSM 2016 / January 12, 2016
New in this version:
Creating a surface strategy without actual geometry is now prevented. #3117
Machine boundaries now illustrated with green lines inestead of blue. #2819
Chamfer Mill is now the default tool for 2D Chamfer and Engrave.
Removed chamfer from Trace strategy, as it is not actually supported. #3136
Populate Setup Model selection with all visible bodies upon creation. #3066
The "Chamfer" group is always enabled and its corresponding checkbox removed for the Chamfer 2D operation. #3046
Fixed wrong tool visualization issue when using reverse spindle direction for turning. #3151
Tool Library: Fix import/export of .tsv files where tabbed values tool type erroneously localized. #3223
Improved performance when calculating tube and cylinder stock extents. #2332
Fix the same sketch point can be selected many times as tab point. #1625
Fixed limit number of step-over in turn face Z #3092
Fixed crash on "View toolpath" for Manual NC. #3138
Fixed clearance height for ID chamfer for turning. #3080
Show toolpath preview in canvas after finishing edit Pattern. #1297
Support user parameters in Sketch Texts. #3051
Fixed stock offsets when 'Flip Z axis' is enabled. #1288
Fixed issue where the specified tolerance was not always used during the toolpath calculation.
Chamfer Clearance now has a non-negative restriction. #3053
Fixed issue where generating operations in very complex setups can sometimes show white windows and/or hang Inventor #2513
Changes to toolpath generation:
Added support for chamfer tool without flat tip for 2D Chamfer.
Added support for tip offset of 0 for 2D Chamfer.
Improved Adaptive Clearing toolpath when using ball cutters to avoid cutting of small fragments resulting in more linking motion. #2643
Improvements for chip thinning for Face.
Improved minimum retracts for Turning Groove and Profile. #2879
Fixed missing area issue for Turning Profile when cutting at an angle. #3159
Fixed wrong linking issue for Adaptive Clearing when using rest machining. #3155
Fixed potential generation failure for Adaptive Clearing. #3132
Fixed issue where area would be skipped when using 90 deg cutting direction for Turning Profile. #2892
Changes to post processor:
Improved output for post processor log to highlight the first error more clearly.
Force error by default when rewind is required for multi-axis simultaneous toolpath. Posts can optionally handle rewinds using the onRewindMachine() entry function.
Updated relevant generic posts to force work offset at tool changes to allow restart of NC program at the tool changes.
Updated generic HAAS post so the part is centered by default in the table at program end. You can turn off the behavior by setting the property 'homePositionCenter' to No.
Updated generic HAAS post to force work offset output at each tool change to allow restart of program.
Updated generic OMAX post. The head must now always be zeroed at the WCS origin in XY and just above the stock.
Fixed generic ShopBot post.

Inventor HSM 2016 / November 27, 2015
New in this version:
Added Wear and Inverse Wear compensation for 2D Chamfer. In Control compensation is explicitly not available for 2D Chamfer.
Added support for tangential extension for 2D Chamfer.
Added finishing overlap for 2D Chamfer.
Added Feed Optimization support for 2D Chamfer.
Added Chamfer strategy (in Inventor HSM and Inventor HSM Pro).
The 'Use Distributed CAM' setting available from the Task Manager now persists when Inventor HSM is restarted instead of being re-enabled by default.
General improvements for Distributed CAM.
Updated translations.
Improve performance of Spun Profile calculation. #1905
Fixed derive support for Engrave and 2D Chamfer.
Show toolpath preview in canvas after finishing edit Pattern. #1297
Select 3D Sketch Lines for direction or axis in Pattern. #1658
Fixed issue where stock size cannot be larger than the model size when using Fixed size box in Setup. #2966
Fixed incorrect error message when changing turning grooving mode. #1491
Fixed bore milling issue on tapered surface features. #1573
Fixed potential hang when updating the spun profile for turning operations. #2862
Fixed Drill toolpath operation generation for certain hole types. #1531
Changes to toolpath generation:
Major update for stock to leave support for turning Profile and Grooving. The new algorithm supports all combinations of positive and negative values of the radial and axial stock to leave. Note that depending on the stock to leave values used the tool will have to follow elliptical curves. To make the toolpath appropriate for machining the curves will be fitted with the biggest possible arcs.
Many improvement to chip thinning and linking for Face. The stay down linking will now try to avoid cutting stock when chip thinning is enabled. The chip thinning moves are now shortened automatically such the they start at the engagement position.
Improved performance for Adaptive Clearing when using holder pull-away.
Improved performance for stay down linking for Adaptive Clearing.
Reduced memory usage for Adaptive Clearing when using holder pull-away.
Improved linking to find more places to ramp for Adaptive Clearing. #2827
Reduced memory usage for Adaptive Clearing when using holder pull-away feature. #2855
Fixed lead-in issue for turning grooving.
Fixed lead-in/lead-out issue for turning. #2746
Avoid tiny fragment issue for turning when using rest machining. #2746
Fixed slow linking issue for Adaptive Clearing. #2785
Fixed generation failure for Adaptive Clearing.
Fixed wrong toolpath issue when a cutting level could be skipped for Adaptive Clearing. #2827
Fixed potential generation failure for Adaptive Clearing when using holder pull-away feature. #2855
Fixed potential missing error message for invalid contours for turning Profile and Groove. #2365
Fixed generation failure for Adaptive Clearing when running on PCs using multi-byte encoding.
Fixed wrong toolpath issue for Adaptive Clearing when using holder pull-away feature.
Fixed missing failure when using Fail mode for leads for turning Profile and Groove. #2886
Changes to post processor:
Added generic turning post for Tormach Slant-PRO.
Updated generic Pocket NC post.
Updated style for setup sheets.
Fixed check for out of range spindle speed when using constant surface speed for generic HAAS turning post.
Updated generic woodWOP to avoid issues with big circular moves.
Fixed generic woodWOP post when posting in Inches.
Fixed drilling for generic Smoothie post.

Inventor HSM 2016 / November 10, 2015
New in this version:
Added support for using counter sink tool in 2D contour. #1358
Improved support for high DPI (e.g. 4K) screens. #1576
Added support for setting finishing feed rate for turning profile and groove. #1888
Show generated toolpath during calculation for 3D operations. #1255
Turning Facing automatically calculates the number of required Roughing passes. #1924
Added support for selecting language to the CAM Options dialog. #2341
Changed placement of 'Number of Stepdowns' parameter for Swarf. #1401
Allow a Chamfer with a spot drill. #2373
Show tool number by default. #2383
Updated translations.
Preview of turning model profile shown in wrong orientation. #2706
Fixed issue with calculation of inner diameter for relative sized tube stock. #2569
Fixed imported part contour to be same as preview. #1383
Fix selection of a point on Spline sketch edge for Tabs. #1453
Fixed toolpath generation after changing the height planes in Engrave strategy. #2681
Fixed problem where the reduced feed rate for grooving would be 0 regardles of the setting in the passes tab. #2607
Undo/redo renaming operation in Browser tree while generation running does not invalidate the operation. #1575 #2661
Stock and model preview is shown when editing a turning operation. #2677
Fixed height selection issue. #2645
Adaptive with rest machining is marked as dirty when operation moves before it. #2470
Abort task also aborts dependent tasks. #1734
Fixed issue where complex splines could not be selected. #2524 #911
Fixed issue where tolerance was not always obeyed when selecting spline edges. #2044
Fixed crash after choosing invalid height using compare and edit. #2574
Changes to toolpath generation:
Fixed wrong finishing toolpath issue for turning grooving. #2705
Fixed issue with spikes in toolpath for Engrave. #2507
Fixed potential performance issue for Pocket/Horizontal/Contour.
Changes to post processor:
Added Section.getGlobalRange() method. This method allows the post to automatically decide when to use linear versus polar interpolation for mill-turn in particular.
Added DMG Mori post for interfacing with MfgSuite.
Force G49 just before tool change even when not required for generic Robodrill post.
Updated CYCLE832 for generic Siemens 840D post.
Updated G187 smoothing for generic HAAS posts.
Updated generic HURCO post to only allow up to 9999999 for sequence numbers and to only output a warning for high length offsets instead of an error.
Updated Mach3Mill to use machine retract height from machine configuration instead of always using 0 when G28 is enabled.
Changed generic Siemens 840D post to always use D1 for the tool length compensation. This change is to match how most Siemens 840D users work.
Fixed missing vertical retract before repositioning before drilling when moving to a higher clearance using PostProcessor.repositionToCycleClearance(). #2306
Updated generic KOSY post so X and Y are now forced for G2/G3.
Fixed when G49 is output for generic Fanuc posts.
Fixed G79 for generic Andronic post.

Inventor HSM 2016 / September 22, 2015
New in this version:
Added Engrave strategy. This strategy can carve text or other shapes using a Chamfer tool.
Improved "Sharp corner with loop" by changing the default lead-in sweep angle to 0. #1987
Changed default ordering for patterns to 'Order by tool'. #2459
Default stock option changed to relative box size for milling. #2271
Height groups are expanded by default in Height Tab. #1676
When no selection is made, Generate will now generate all operations in all setups.
Updated UI translations.
Improved performance when selecting complex 2D pockets.
Automatically exit sketch mode when editing an operation.
Fixed potential hang when using spun profile. #2580
Prevent generating multiple toolpaths in the same spot when using e.g. center points for radial. #2431
Fixed the darker color after hide and show it again in Simulation. #1693
Form Tool: Reset tip offset correctly when importing updated form tool models. #1342
Fixed WCS mini-toolbar to reset and clear up settings. #1507
Fixed loss of bounding box points after using reset in WCS mini-toolbar. #1870
Fixed wrong holder issue for collision detection in Simulate. #2483
Fixed issue where the Stock group was shown incorrectly when switching tabs in Setup. #1252
2D Pocket: Corrected stepover to avoid leaving cusps, and fixed allow Stepover Cusps option was not influencing toolpath. #2430
Fixed issue where WCS manipulator could not be selected after switching tab for Turning setup. #1395
Fixed the symbol fonts scaling in Trace toolpath. #2379
Fixed issue where Turning Groove toolpath did not respect the set Tool Orientation. #2444
Fixed wrong placement when exporting STL files for use by post processors like the CAMplete post.
Edit sketch text invalidates CAM info. #2378
Remove unsupported "Machine straight on" from Radial strategy #2458
The template operation name is restored to the newly template created operation. #1523
Fixed graphical issue for turning boring with round insert tools.
Fixed support for additional tools for the Bore, Thread, and Circular strategies. #2349
Fixed wrong stock simulation for spiral moves which are used for helical machining of tapered walls.
Toolpath is cleared when the tool is too large to fit for Thread and Circular and show log updated with an error message. #1558
Changes to toolpath generation:
The slot clearing feature now also applies to open pocket for Adaptive Clearing. Previously slot clearing was only used for opening up pockets.
Improved rest model for Adaptive Clearing to get closer to optimal cutting engagement. Previously the engagement could be less than desired/required due to overestimated rest material.
Changed Adaptive Clearing to generate a slight overlap for the final cuts at break-through areas. #2254
Improved straight linking style for finishing strategies. #2362
Fixed potential generation failure for Adaptive Clearing.
Fixed wrong toolpath issue for Turning Profile.
Fixed toolpath generation failures for Face and Pocket. #2403
Fixed toolpath generation failure for Adaptive Clearing. #2408
Fixed wrong toolpath issue when machining on open contours for Turning Grooving. #2391
Changes to post processor:
Added generic Roland RML post.
Added generic LinuxCNC (EMC2) post.
Added generic KOSY post.
Added generic MyDIYCNC post.
Added generic Siemens turning post.
Added generic Datron MCR English/German posts.
Added generic Carbide3D post.
Updated generic Roland RML post to ignore the work offset fully.
Roland RML post now assumes MDX15/MDX20 to allow post processing by default.
Added default high feedrate for generic Mektronix post to allow posting.
Changed generic OMAX post to convert to inches when using millimeters as unit instead of failing.
Updated generic Pocket NC post.
Major update of the generic Shopbot post. Added new properties to select 5-axis and 4-axis machines.
OMAX post bow value needs it's own format that does not have scale (arcs were wrong when posted in mm)
Fixed generic Biemmepi post.

Inventor HSM 2016 / August 14, 2015
New in this version:
Fixed regression where loading tool libraries and generating certain operations failed on German Windows. #2146
Duplication Pattern: Fixed issue where the toolpath at the source was omitted. #2376
Fix component pattern hidden even in assemblies.
Drilling: Can't select edges on a slanted face by using the "Selected points" option. #1640

Inventor HSM 2016 / August 10, 2015
New in this version:
Allow Form tool for Thread/Bore/Circular operations. #2349
Fixed crash after using Compare and Edit dialog. #2346
Clicking the help button on the CAM now takes you directly to the appropriate help topic. #2263
Tool Library: Show inch values for numbers larger than 1.0 as an integer and a fractional. #2220
Changes to post processor:
Updated generic HAAS UMC-750 post.

Inventor HSM 2016 / August 6, 2015
New in this version:
Added duplication pattern.
Added component pattern (when in assemblies).
Support selecting text boxes from sketches.
Added generic BoXZY post.
Trace: Updated default values so Keep Tool Down, Lead-in and Lead-out are disabled by default.
2D Adaptive: Removed unsupported "Round Walls" option.
Fixed regression where whole sketches could not be selected from the Model browser. #2315
Improved simulation speed slider response. #1563
Improved performance on parts with large amounts of faces. #2322
Do not regenerate an already running task. #1582
Renaming a running operation does not makes it invalid. #1575
Document turning tool tolerance can not be changed from default value. #2309
Fixed the tool number of the pasted operation from the copied one. #1643
Silhoutte machining boundary option added for Adaptive Clearing. #1331
Better error reporting when entering inccorrect expressions. #1471
Changed a few texts where Inner/Outer Radius was referenced as Inner/Outer Limit.
Select same direction selecting holes only at the side that the tool can drill them. #1308
Preserve Setup/Folder expansion while duplicate in the browser tree. #1424
Fix Create From Template method to create operation under selected container in browser. #1574
Fix the tool number of a pasted operation from one document to the other. #1643
Fixed derived operation always generated under default setup. #1403
Changes to post processor:
Fixed broken drilling support for turning only posts. #2079
Fixed missing support for ramp spindle speed in generic Fadal post.
Fixed motion modality for generic Selca post.

Inventor HSM 2016 / July 5, 2015
New in this version:
Fixed issue where simulation took too long to start. #2109
Fixed the Keep Tool Down option for Facing.
Fixed issue where stock in Standard mode would be updated incorrectly when jumping between positions for Simulate.
Moved "Boundary Overlap" parameter to Machining Boundary group.
Fix window banner when selecting output folder.
Clear toolpath generation command aborts generation task in Inventor Task Manager. #1633
Changes to toolpath generation:
Reduced longer than required lead-in length for turning grooving.
Fixed absolute/relative mode when using tapered wall for 2D Contour.
Fixed missing use of plunge feed issue when using tabs for 2D Contour.
Fixed wrong toolpath issue for Adaptive Clearing.
Changes to post processor:
Updated generic HAAS UMC-750 post.
Fixed G94/G95 for B/C mode for generic Fanuc turning post.

Inventor HSM 2016 / June 11, 2015
New in this version:
Protected operations are indicated with smaller lock icon so the operation type icon can still be seen.
Invalid operations can now be protected. This will make them valid until un-protected, regardless of model changes.
Fixed crash occurring sometimes when using stock "From Solid" and rest machining. #2249 #1357 #1979
Fixed issue where the model could sometimes disappear from view. #1181
Fixed potential issue where the application could block when simulating turning toolpath.
Fixed stock preview issue which could potentially cause improper visualization side effects.
Turning Profile: Fixed issue where "Roughing Overlap" parameter was shown together with finishing instead of roughing parameters.
Fixed issue where error dialog was shown when changing Inner/Outer Limit for Radial and Spiral operations.
Removed deg from the description of reamers and taps.
Changes to toolpath generation:
Changed 2D Contour/Pocket to use leads for roughing passes and not only finishing passes. Before you would get plunge in stock for safety.
Improved 2D Contour/Pocket to not use spiral motion for perfect circular pockets when entire pocket doesnt need to be machined.
Improved rest machining for turning to avoid air cutting in some cases.
Fixed wrong toolpath issue for Turning Grooving.
Fixed potential generation failure for Turning Grooving.
Fixed linking issue for Adaptive Clearing.
Fixed issue where lead-out could not be fitted as desired for 2D Contour.
Fixed potential generation failure for Adaptive Clearing.
Fixed potential generation failure for Turning Profile when using tool orientation.
Fixed wrong toolpath issue when undercutting for Turning Profile.
Fixed wrong finishing pass for Turning Profile.
Fixed wrong toolpath issue for Turning Grooving when using rest machining.
Fixed wrong toolpath for Turning Profile.
Fixed wrong linikng issue for Turning Profile.
Fixed offset for 2D Contour for taper tools when the height is defined relative to the select contour.
Fixed wrong toolpath issue when using stock to leave for Turning Profile.
Fixed wrong toolpath issue for Turning Profile.
Removed tiny arcs from Adaptive Clearing toolpath.
Changes to post processor:
Updated generic EMC, Grbl, TinyG, Mac2/Mach3 posts to allow turning off output of G28/G for safe machine retracts using the corresponding useG28/useG properties. When turned off the user must ensure that clearance height are set to safe values.
Fixed wrong expansion of break through drilling cycle.

Inventor HSM 2016 / May 21, 2015
New in this version:
Feed and speed will now say "SYNC" under Info in Simulation when the feed and speed are synchronized for threading.
The constant surface speed for turning and the ramp spindle speed for milling are now presented on under Info when using simulating.
Drill hole cannot be selected if tool orientation is different the hole orientation.
Fixed multi-selection in the CAM browser.
Fixed issue in "Sample Tools (Inch)" library, where the default flute length was for some tools.
Fixed issue with default stock cylinder or tube sometimes not being calculated correctly.
Fixed wrong stock issue when using go to previous and next moves for Simulation.
Fixed Create Derived Operation for Turning operations.
Fixed trunctation problem under the Drag and Drop list for CAM Options dialog.

Inventor HSM 2016 / May 7, 2015
New in this version:
Added Model Front and Model Back to WCS for Turning.
Added toolpath preview of Face, Chamfer, Single Groove, Part, and Thread for turning when editing operations.
Tool will now be shown as red for unsupported tool settings when editing an operation.
Changed post process/simulate to use all operations when no operations were selected.
Fixed issues with Spun Profile causing hangs or wrong profiles.
Fixed issue where too many options were shown for the "Direction" setting on Milling operations.
Fixed problem with browser loosing focus after an warning/error message was shown.
Fixed problem with long dialog shown when changing tool information in a large number of operations.
Fixed issue where turning Radii was rounded off to nearest millimeter.
Changes to post processor:
Generic CAMplete post requires TruePath build 667 or later.
Updated generic HAAS UMC- post.
Fixed missing tapping for generic Dialog post.

Inventor HSM 2016 / April 23, 2015
New in this version:
Added message when trying to create a setup sheet without any operations defined.
Added "Spun Profile" option to the Model group for turning setups. Use this when turning parts that are not rotationally symmetric.
Improved support for high-end multi-core/CPU workstations.
Updated German translation.
Changed CAM browser tree to edit folder/pattern when double clicking on folder/pattern item.
Fixed problem with renaming items (using F2) in the CAM browser not being disabled when no items were selected.
Fixed typo in the circular lead-in error message.
Fixed layout of "Send Feedback dialog"
Changes to post processor:
Updated generic CAMplete APT post.

Inventor HSM 2016 / April 14, 2015
New in this version:
Improved performance during calculation of turning toolpaths.
Improved graphics for cylindrical stock by highligting the edges of the cylinder
Enabled 2D turning model instead of 3D milling model for stock simulation for faster and better looking simulation.
Fixed issues where turning rest preview (yellow area) was not updated correctly. #2252 #2253
Fixed issue with wrong turning toolpaths when generating multiple operations using rest together.
Fixed missing collision detection for rapid motion for turning toolpath when using Simulate.
Fixed error when a Center Drill tool is copied from a spreadsheet to the Tool Library.
Fixed forced task termination on document close.
Fixed potential crash when using rest machining from previous operations.
Changes to post processor:
Added optional block support for generic Fadal post.
Added optional block support for generic Haas post.
Fixed generic HTML setup sheet.